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Bunbury Fibre Plantations (BFP) - The Company

BFP is managed independently and is staffed by BFP dedicated personnel. BFP manages plantation estate previously owned by Hansol Australia Pty Ltd (Hansol). BFP acquired the plantation assets of Hansol on the 13th March 2008.

BFP now manages approximately 15,000 hectares bluegum plantation estate secured on Profit a Prendre lease agreements with 150 landowners within the South West and Great Southern areas of Western Australia.

The project commenced in 1993 under a State Agreement with the Western Australian Government for the establishment of commercial plantations of Eucalyptus globulus, or bluegum as it is more commonly known. Bluegum were selected ahead of other eucalypt species because of its high fibre content and the light colouration of its pulp. Plantations were established on pastured farmland for environmental and economic purposes on land where there was suitable soils and sufficient rainfall (>600 mm). Bluegum is a fast growing tree - it is profitable to harvest after only 10 years.

Plantation Management

BFP plantation operations are undertaken to recognised standards. High standards will be achieved by taking into account the following recognised levels:

  • Compliance with the Code of Practice For Timber Plantations in Western Australia (2006 and future revisions).
  • The application of a "continuous improvement" approach to all operational procedures and systems.
  • detailed historical information and operational plans will be contained within a management Plan for each plantation.
  • Commitment to FSC principles and Standards.
  • Compliance with all state statutory regulations and by-laws.

Additional details on Plantation management are available within the "About Us, Policy Statements".